Madaline recently had the pleasure of staying at the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Her review was published on the Huffington Post.

It isn’t every day that you see a television screen turn on in the middle of your bathroom mirror, but then again it isn’t every day that you stand in the luxurious hotel suite bathroom of the Toronto Trump Hotel. I held the remote frozen in wonder as Donald Trump’s face emerged on the screen, talking, yet fully muted. Flashes of debate footage for the presidential election followed. “What timing!” I thought.

Wandering out into the spacious bedroom, one cannot help but want to dive superhero style onto the King size bed. Choosing to be more civil, I planted myself down on the plush mattress, blinking at an outside cloud hovering over the Financial District; sunshine blared through it onto the little moving people below. A thought battle of nap versus food resumed, yet was quickly waved off with anticipation towards the evening agenda; a meeting with hotel marketing coordinator Jeanne for a tour and chat, followed by dinner at America restaurant. I had never been but heard good things. Thought bubbles burst as my partner peeked into the room, “You ready?”. “Yup” I replied, uttering “…not even remotely”.

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